Specialty Slabs.

Superflat Floors
Today’s modern warehouses and big box industrial facilities often require specialized “superflat” floors. That’s because they have to be level enough to accommodate the stringent requirements of state-of-the-art lift equipment trying to navigate through high-density, narrow aisles and extend to reach tall storage racks.

Ductilcrete is a proprietary High-Tolerance concrete slab system that allows for greater joint spacing, less cracking, and less maintenance. As one of the first DUCTILCRETE® alliance members — and one of the first construction firms to use the product in the state of Florida — we have since proudly poured more than 2 million square feet of this extremely strong and durable fiber-reinforced concrete flooring material.

Benefits of Ductilcrete
  • Fewer Joints
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Less curl or shrinkage
  • Increased load-bearing capacity

Elevated Slabs
We also create a variety of suspended precast concrete surfaces for modern buildings of all types. As the name suggests, elevated slabs are raised off the ground level, and they may be used for building multi-story buildings and large commercial complexes, among other applications.

Specialty Slabs Flatwork

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